We are looking for dynamic, committed individuals to join our team. If you want to be part of the solution to solving homelessness in our community, we are looking for your talent and expertise as we transform and empower the lives of people with mental illness by supporting independence and preventing homelessness. We are a highly respected, award-winning provider of a full array of mental health and supportive housing services in Sacramento County, and we need you to bring your compassion and support to the most vulnerable in our community.

At Hope Cooperative we’re committed to the happiness and well-being of our clients, and aim to create a workplace that fosters both personal and professional growth.


As of March 1, 2020, Hope Cooperative has an opening for the following position:





  1. Independent Contractor (not an Agency employee)
  2. Up to 12 hours per week (preferred hours 8 am–5 pm M-F)
  3. $160.00 per hour


Scope of Services

  1. Contractor will:
  2. Provide peer oversight.
  3. Provide clinical oversight of licensed New Direction clinical staff.
  4. Maintain Sacramento County Prescribing guidelines.
  5. Quarterly internal chart review, performed with nurse.
  6. Quarterly audit for deceased clients.
  7. Participate in monthly Sac Med Audit (MHTC).
  8. Approve protocols as they pertain to best practice.


  1. Contractor shall perform necessary Psychiatric/Medication support services for Agency participants, responsibilities shall include:

Provide clinical case consultation to assigned staff (as scheduled time permits).


  1. Contractor shall comply with all documentation requirements and standards to ensure Medi-Cal, MediCare and Sacramento County compliance.


  1. Contractor shall be employed as an independent contractor and not as an Agency employee.


Minimum Requirements

  1. Two year Residency or Fellowship in Psychiatry
  2. Fully Licensed by the Medical Board of California
  3. Obtain and Maintain a policy of professional liability insurance, and continue to maintain for at least three years following termination of contract


To apply visit  Hope Cooperative – Online Career Center



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