Leona’s Story

My life before Hope Cooperative was pretty difficult and chaotic. I felt hopeless and didn’t know if I was going to be able to get housing. In the past I did ask other programs for help and housing and was not successful in finding or even receiving information on housing for example: names of places/or phone numbers. I started my journey here in Sacramento at the Salvation Army, the shelter on B Street. I wanted my recovery with all my heart so I went to Clean and Sober for Monday through Friday for AA and NA meetings. I started signing up for their residential recovery program everyday and/or calling them. After 2 months I got into Clean and Sober Residential Recovery Program. When I lived there I was able to learn a lot about myself, get a sponsor, built a foundation, attend meetings, fellowship and complete my 12 AA steps. I am so grateful for every experience I have been through in my life. While at Clean and Sober I was able to find a Higher power who I choose to call God. After about of year clean and sober my next step was the Readiness Program. I was there for a year but was unable to get permanent housing. I continued to work on my recovery through my whole journey. I currently have a sponsor and am working the NA steps. I was homeless again. I stayed with a friend for a couple months, at my home group AA meeting hall and eventually back to the Salvation Army. I was there for 2 weeks and then got into Palmer Apartments. It took me two months of calling Guest House to get into Palmer. Since being here at Palmer I got pregnant and was denied SSI. Thank God I got GA as long as I did with Tracy Purdue’s help. The staff at Palmer has been so understanding, compassionate, patient, and caring. It was nice to know while living here that the staff actually cares about the residents. Maria was a big help when we started looking for housing. She did most of the work. I simply made phone calls and went to places to meet apartment managers. Finally at Folsom Oaks the staff told my fiancé and me that we will get an apartment. I am so happy and grateful to be moving. I will always remember the staff at Palmer. Thank you so much Palmer! All of you will be in my heart! (Leona and Chris moved into Folsom Oaks in August. September was a big month for them, they got married and welcomed their new baby girl!)