December 2019

Dear Hope Cooperative Supporters,

HOPE COOPERATIVE aka TLCS, Inc. has been a leading provider of mental health and supported housing services in Sacramento County for nearly 40 years. We operate programs for extremely low-income and homeless adults with a severe mental health diagnosis as well as transition age youth experiencing homelessness. Our clients are the most vulnerable members of our community. Many experience both mental health and substance use disorders.

HOPE COOPERATIVE embraces a workforce that has experienced struggles with homelessness, addiction, and mental illness, and reserve seats on our board for members with lived experience. Dignity, respect, partnership, and compassion are the core tenants of our organizational culture, and this extends, of course, to the people we serve.

Our strategic approach is to create partnerships and programs that remove barriers and help people navigate the complex system of care to move them into self-reliance. In response to the dearth of affordable housing, we have focused on partnerships with affordable housing developers that has resulted in over 200 units in the pipeline with many more in the planning stages to serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness. For hospitals and jails overflowing with mentally ill, homeless people in crisis, we have embedded peer navigators in hospital emergency departments, crisis stabilization units and law enforcement settings to intervene and provide alternative options for care.

But of course, we can’t do any of this without the support of you, our community. We are supported by a complex combination of funding sources. Government funding provides for the necessities and we are grateful to live where this is true. However, true transformation lies in the intangibles, the “if we could just do THIS” we could be making a real difference. That is where you come in. We have seen first-hand, with the launch of three of our most recent initiatives: The Clubhouse Supported Employment Program, our Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders program and Possibilities, our transitional housing program for transition age youth, the power of private support.

HOPE COOPERATIVE is committed to doing whatever it takes to end homelessness and create a healthier, more vibrant community for all.

Thank YOU for your support,

Erin Johansen, CEO