March 2020 – COVID-19

Dear Supporters of Hope Cooperative,

During the challenging times in which we find ourselves I want to assure you that Hope Cooperative is here for you. As an “essential business” we are committed to supporting our vulnerable clients while making every effort to keep our 250 dedicated staff safe. When Sacramento County issued the “Shelter in Place” order we moved into action removing our deployable and sited navigators from the field and worked with our partners to find solutions to support people who are struggling. We continue to respond to referrals from our hospital and law enforcement partners.

Within a matter of days we implemented a Peer Support Warm Line designed to specifically address feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and loneliness that our Sacramento community members are experiencing. We are grateful to Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Staff that supported these efforts and are helping us get the word out. You can reach this line for support at (855)502-3224.

Our Field based case managers are calling our clients every day and taking supplies to those who most need it. We are supporting our landlords when necessary just as before. Our Doctors and Nurses have implemented “telehealth” protocols whenever possible in order to ensure that medications are continued and crisis support is provided. Our Crisis Respite Center continues to be a place for those in need of “in-person” respite in times of mental health crisis.

The Hope Cooperative Clubhouse has been a source of meaningful activity, supported employment and social connectedness for our clients for the last 4 years. Our clients have come to count on us and are feeling a little lost. Staff are calling members daily and dropping off food and flowers to those feeling especially lonely.

Our onsite service coordinators at our permanent supportive housing properties, our Palmer Apartment Interim Housing and Possibilities Transitional Housing Program are still working and supporting the residents. They are actively educating residents about how to remain safe from COVID-19.
As we move through the next week or so, we expect to see client needs increasing- especially with continued isolation. We are committed to provide the support they need.

Hope Cooperative direct service staff are truly heroes who put their hearts first. Please keep them in your thoughts. We are keeping you in ours.

With gratitude,
Erin Johansen, CEO