From Homelessness to College Graduate: Tiffany’s Story

Tiffany has been a TLCS client since 2011. She came to us through a referral from Guest House, a mental health clinic for the homeless. Tiffany became homeless by escaping a violent relationship. When she first came to us, she was suffering from depression and PTSD, not only from her abusive relationship but also from the effects of childhood trauma.

Tiffany’s journey of healing and hope began with the intensive mental health services she received through TLCS. She stuck with her treatments, found community, and created a new home for herself. Tiffany has been able to maintain independent living in her own apartment for the past six years.

Tiffany was always interested in pursuing her education, something she felt was missing from her life, and over time she found the courage and determination to go back to school to earn her degree. To say that Tiffany is a science buff is an understatement. In May 2018, she graduated from Sacramento City Community College with three AS degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Chemical Technology, which she secured while also working part-time in the lab on campus. Tiffany is currently taking a well-deserved break before transferring to Sacramento State in the fall. Her long-term goal is to obtain a BS degree in Biology and become a licensed clinical lab scientist.

Tiffany has two adult children, one who is a sophomore at UCLA, and one who works full-time in the local restaurant industry. Her children are very supportive and proud of their mother and her accomplishments. We are proud to celebrate Tiffany alongside her family and friends, and believe she sums up her journey best:

Dear TLCS,
I have recently obtained my A.S. degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Chemical Technology. None of this would have been possible without your continuous help and support. From buying overly-expensive texts book [sic], to helping me emotionally stay afloat when I literally felt like drowning, [TLCS] has been there for me all the way. You believed in me when I lost faith in myself and for that I am eternally grateful.”