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Angelina Gomes-Barnao

Crisis Respite Center, Program Manager

After graduating from Victory High School, Angelina found herself incredibly eager to help others in need, which led to her joining Hope Cooperative in early 2015. Before then, she worked for 5 years at Pride Industries, training and assisting developmentally and physically disabled people in the workplace, building her attention to detail and empathic treatment of others. She has since progressively moved her way up the ladder at Hope Cooperative, starting as a sub-worker at the Crisis Respite Center, the Co-ops, and Palmer residential programs, helping those with substance-use challenges, or other issues that would otherwise interfere with daily life, to strive for better and more functional lives. She then became a Triage Navigator, handling a variety of sensitive cases regarding crises in the Sacramento County. In 2018, Angelina was promoted to Personal Service Coordinator at the TCORE Program, handling the detailed information regarding and providing significant support for their clients to maintain housing. In 2021 Angelina returned to the Crisis Respite Center as an Assistant Manager, where she trained sub-workers, assessed the efficiency of their services, handled detailed information and planning regarding the program, and supported individuals in need arriving at the center before being promoted again in 2023 to Program Manager at the Crisis Respite Center, handling the program to maintain a safe and supporting environment for those in need.